Scientific studies have confirmed that massage can reduce the symptoms connected with depression, reduce anxiety, levels of stress hormones, relieve pain and strengthen immune system. It also stimulates a gain in weight of the babies born prematurely. Below we consider some results of the scientists’ work.

One of the studies has showed that massage stimulates the production of the substance by the organism like serotonin, which is an important neurotransmitter. Serotonin plays an important role in the person’s mood and behavior, affects body temperature, physical coordination, regulates appetite and sleep. It is also a precursor of melatonin. While healing,  massage helps to avoid the use of additional drugs that are most likely to cause the dependence when it’s time to deal with pain.

Scientists from the Center of Psychoneuroendocrinology (University of Liege) came to the conclusion that due to massage, especially techniques similar to «Lomi-Lomi», holistic massage and warming «Ratna-Abhyanga» (massage with precious warm stones) the production of oxytocin increases. It is a hormone closely connected with the physical and psychological condition of the person: it is it that awakens love, «parental» behavior, increases the desire to live and to love, desire for sexual intimacy. Thus, massage gives good results in the treatment of frigidity in particular.

Conducted study by Stratton SA on 21 healthy volunteers confirms that a 30-minute back massage causes significant changes of the level of F-endorphin and F-lipotropin in the blood of the studied volunteers from the group of people suffering from physical pain. Endorfin is an opioid peptide that is produced in the pituitary body, a so-called endogenous opiate. Organism especially needs the endorphin during acute pain.

A study of HIV-positive patients showed that massage actually significantly increases the amount of immune cells in the human body. Hence it helps to strengthen the immune system of the patient, thereby reducing the risk of  life-threatening infections.

Massage of «Shirodhara» type is able to significantly reduce the frequency of migraine and reduce their strength. It was confirmed by the research of 26 people suffering from this disease. After a course of 30-minute massage sessions held twice a week for five weeks, the studied people had the improvements of sleep quality  and the consumption of analgesics decreased. Studies have confirmed that giving massage is not less effective than getting. The results showed that the stress-resistance  and self-esteem of the masters increased significantly. Depending on the used technique, massage methods and the flow of the generated pulses can stimulate and increase the tonus of the central nervous system or, conversely, have a decelerating and relaxing effect on it, that has a positive effect on the activity of all the physiological systems of the organism. In this case, a careful application of massage oils of a certain structure and direction may increase or decrease the above mentoned effects on  the relevant parts of the body.


It is believed that the injection methods and massage are not compatible. However, practice shows that after the injection of the hyaluronic acid (HA), massage is a necessity. Despite the fact that almost for all people the hyaluronic acid is a product that is easily compatible with the tissues of the body, we should not forget that the injected material is still not producted by our tissues. The molecule of hyaluronic acid is selfish: it attracts water, and it does not care where to take it. British scientists came to this conclusions, using HA for the treatment of cataracts. Researchers did the microinjections on the damaged area by the cataract and saw that within several hours the gel sucked the moisture, dried out the damaged zone and within several months was continuously drying out the mucosa. Massage is necessary exactly for the circulation of blood, lymph and the access of fresh moisture to the cells, and also for the prevention of stagnation and for the accumulation of toxic substances, pulled  by the hyaluronic acid, as its molecule has no preference as to the pulled fluid composition. As an example of this statement, the following situation with a British rock star may be cited, the injecting material from the facial tissues after the toxic poisoning of whom had to be removed by a surgical method because of the drug and medicine compound taken in the evening during a performance — so horrifying was the state of the gel and of the surrounding tissues. So, till the afternoon of the next day, in 12-14 hours when the chemical preparations have been taken, the face was unrecognizable as HA, drawing fluid, accumulated a large number of toxins and caused the inflammation of the nearest tissues and as a result the active rejection of HA began.

The use of fillers on HA basis in the area around the eyes may cause a lasting edema and the areal injection will create the effect of gray circles under the eyes. It is important to study the question of the value of the tissues state very thoroughly for the assurance of the rejuvenating effect, and only an experienced doctor has to work on this matter. While conducting of the injections, there is a risk to damage or overpress the vessel that leads to a temporary disorder of blood circulation. Properly conducted massage, in its turn, will rehabilitate a full blood and lymph circulation.

As for botulinum toxin: the most powerful «engine» of the lymph is muscle movement, and due to the injection of botulinum toxin, muscles are relaxed, dynamics is broken, and when the sedentary lifestyle is kept, the edema is inevitable. Massage is really necessary in such a case.


Wrinkles, as well as the lines on the palms can reveal in detail the past and possible future of each person. Looking at the wrinkles, the color of the skin, complexion of the face, the state of health, age, psychological type of  a person can be easily determined. Psychological  traumas, thoughts about the problems activate the centers in the brain, contrained muscles of the face, and as a result grimaces are formed: anger, joy, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, freedom, fear, bliss, rejection. For example, lonely people and people who suffer from the desire to open have deep wrinkles of «widow» in the area of nasolab ial folds and the wrinkles «Puppets» that extend from the corner of the mouth to the chin. They also have weak laughter muscles, which raise the angle of the mouth: their face much more often radiates sadness and grief than happiness, joy and love. In contrast, a proud and warlike people are the owners of wrinkles «lion» and «arrogant man» above the eyebrows and near the eyes. It’s like a gym: that muscle is tightened, which is more built by the «dumb-bells» of thoughts and emotions.


The problem of aging, but rather the morphological changes of the face, can be solved with the help of special exercises. There is a great amount of methods nowadays, but not many clients are able to keep patience at the lessons. So I created a massage technique “FaceReborn”, when it’s enough for the client to lie down and relax  — and the rest will be done by a therapist. The predecessor of this technique was the massage «Hollywood lifting.» However, having tested this methodology, which included only the work with a face, neck and decollete, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to expand the area of ​​impact.

According to Hawaiian philosophy, fears and stresses accumulate in the head, on the face, in the back, abdomen and joints. According to the theory, based on Ayurveda, irritation, fear, anger, passion are not just emotions — these are specific emotional experience, accompanied by the generation of stress hormones that poison the organism, like a tozin, disrupt the function of organs and body parts, forming the so-called blocks. It has a direct conection with wrinkles. Face is the first part that shows that there were problems, later on the back pain and spasms in the stomach remind about them. Therefore, the massage protocol increased: now it includes not only face massage, but also a relaxing of the back muscles and the abdomen. It is a necessary care for every modern person.

First stage: the relaxation of back muscles with the help of technology, created on the basis of the traditional Balinese massage and Ayurvedic massage «Abhyanga».

Second stage: relaxation and lymphatic drainage of the abdomen.

Third stage: the lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and decollete by a special method, used in Spanish clinics of plastic surgery for patient rehabilitation. It includes the promotion of lymph through the lymphatic vessels and the relaxation muscles of the lymph nodes, dekognettia of the lymph nodes, that facilitates the flow of the lymph and reduces the edema. This stage is very important for the clearance of the tissues from the accumulated toxins, it promotes the renewal of the tissues at the cellular level and intensifies their protective abilities.

Fourth stage: deep relaxation. The impulse for the creation of this stage was a therapeutic massage «Lomi-Lomi». Its goal is the leading a person into the alpha state, something between a dream and reality. Being in this state, a person can easily and painless get rid of fears and anger. Massage consists of gentle, loving, lulling movements. The elements «Abhyanga» and «ratna-Abhyanga» are also added.

Fifth stage: a flexible part. On this stage a major work with face muscles and grimaces is conducted. We relax some of the muscles, the others we stimulate, forming in such a way a client’s happy face. After all, the ease and freedom from problems make the face younger. We also work on all the areas of the fat accumulation by activating the metabolism. A flexible part finishes with the Japanese shiatsu massage.

Sixth step: percussions. A rhythmic and an energetic stage aimed at the hardening of a structure and the stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers. While percussion movements a vibration in the tissues forms, which stimulates the heating of the molecules, thereby the metabolism accelarates and the fiber hardens.

Seventh stage: deep relaxation and rehabilitation using the state of alpha-relaxation.

Today the healing power of touches cannot be underestimated, these touches can prolong the youth, restore physical health and composure. In the chaotic world of stress, fatigue and frequent problems everyone needs a careful rehabilitation, relaxation and recovery of the strength. Technique «Revival of the face»- is necessary not only for recreation and relaxation, but also for keeping the youth and wonderful appearance.

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